Relation-tips: Did Tyga have last laugh in Kylie Jenner-Travis Scott breakup

Question: Most exes feel a sense of vindication when they see their former partners endure the humiliation of a public breakup. It can feel like the proof they needed to show the world the fault for their relationship breakdown was their exes fault instead of their own. Do you think Tyga is justified in reveling […]

Relation-tips: Could Lori Harvey be too young to be on Diddy’s wish list?

Question: Recently, the internet went crazy when pictures surfaced of Lori Harvey on vacation with her new love interest, Diddy, along with her mother and stepfather, Steve Harvey. Do you think there is something wrong with older men dating extremely younger women? Terry: There are typically one of two situations going on when you have […]

La La Anthony and Michelle Obama present different views on relationships

La La Anthony and former FLOTUS Michelle Obama had relationship messages from their time at the 2019 Essence Festival in New Orleans that went viral. While attending an after-party, Anthony stood up in the VIP section and had this to say: “To all my independent women who don’t need a n—- for nothing, make some noise. […]

Relation-tips: How important is timing when it comes to finding love?

Question: How important is timing when it comes to dating? Terry: Timing is a major factor when it comes to establishing a healthy relationship. People go through different journeys in life, so it’s very possible that you could meet someone you’re very compatible with who is just in a different phase in life than you […]

Relation-tips: When should parents introduce kids to someone they’re dating

Question: When should single parents introduce their kids to someone they are dating? Terry: I think a lot of single parents make a mistake by waiting an extended amount of time before introducing their children to the people they are seriously dating. It makes more sense to introduce the children to the potential partner once […]

Relation-tips: Is cheating a choice?

Question:  A lot of people feel monogamy isn’t natural. If we weren’t created to be with one person physically, is cheating really a choice? Terry:  Yes it’s definitely a choice. Making the decision to violate a relationship is always a conscious decision and is always wrong. There are several reasons why a person might choose […]

Relation-tips: Were Ayesha Curry’s comments disrespectful to her husband?

Ayesha Curry said she was insecure because her husband, NBA franchise player Steph Curry, has countless groupies throwing themselves at her while she gets zero male attention. Do you think her husband should’ve been upset by her admission? Terry: Yes, I think Steph has every right to be upset. From his perspective, he has provided […]

Relation-tips: What if my spouse’s unexpected weight gain is a turn-off?

Question: My husband and I have been married for six years, and I’ve noticed he has begun gaining weight. I was very attracted to him when we were dating mainly because I found him so attractive. He has a thin build naturally, so all the weight is going into his stomach. I’ve tried to mention […]

Relation-tips: How do you know when it’s time to let a relationship go?

How do you know if a relationship is worth staying in? Terry: There is no specific response to this question because the response will vary based on an individual’s relationship goals. When considering a breakup, I think it’s important to do some introspective reflecting to try and pinpoint the actual source of the conflicts [and] […]

Relation-tips from his and her perspectives: Is a threesome a bad idea?

Question: My fiancé and I have been together for three years, and he has mentioned wanting to have a threesome from time to time. Lately he has been mentioning it more and more and even asked me if I would consider doing it for his birthday, which is coming up soon. I didn’t realize he […]

Relation-tips from his and her perspectives

Dear Terry and Christal, I’ve been with my lady a few years now. When we first met and started dating, our sex life was exciting and consistent, but now that we are in a committed relationship, it’s not. I feel like she tricked me into a relationship. I have never cheated or anything, but I’m […]

Why your man isn’t excited about Valentine’s Day and how to change his mind

Valentine’s Day is known for setting the tone in a relationship and nine times out of ten, the expectations on both sides are very different. Stores are packed with roses, stuffed animals and candy, while jewelry stores are running television ads non-stop.  All this works to get women excited and unfortunately, often does the opposite […]

Relationship expert Terry Deron weighs in on Cardi B and Offset’s love woes

Most male relationship experts on social media can be found shamelessly pandering to their female followers at the expense of the average man. Terry Deron could be considered the opposite of his peers as he consistently offers what he defines as a “quality” man’s point of view on sex, love and dating. His podcast, “More […]