Andrew Gillum charged with conspiracy, wire fraud

Florida’s former Democratic candidate for governor, Andrew Gillum, is now facing an indictment on campaign fraud charges. On June 22, a federal grand jury turned in a 21-count indictment against Gillum and a former campaign adviser, Sharon Letterman-Hicks. The indictment says between 2016 and 2019, Gillum and Lettman-Hicks unlawfully channeled campaign funds to a company […]

Stacey Abrams running neck and neck with Brian Kemp for 2022 gubernatorial race

Political superstar Stacey Abrams is reportedly running neck-and-neck with incumbent Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp in a poll for the gubernatorial race in 2022. The former Georgia state representative has been hailed as a hero nationwide for developing a behind-the-scenes strategy to successfully flip Georgia blue for the first time in 29 years. The feat greatly […]

Florida governor drafting bill allowing citizens to shoot looters and rioters

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is drafting legislation that would empower anyone with a gun the right to shoot rioters and looters in the future. DeSantis was appalled by the levels of endless protesting and marches unleashed in the aftermath of the violent death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin on […]

3 reasons Stacey Abrams will be relevant beyond 2020

With the outcome of the 2020 U.S. presidential election still undecided, politician Stacey Abrams is among the trending topics on Twitter this week, where thousands are recognizing her and her work in Georgia. Abrams ran unsuccessfully against Republican Brian Kemp in 2018 for governor of Georgia, but “unsuccessful” is not a word to describe Abrams’ […]

Cardi B bashes Georgia governor’s decision to reopen the state

Cardi B represents the face of discontent over Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp’s surprising declaration to start reopening the state this Friday, April 24, 2020. The 27-year-old rapper, who was born in New York City but moved to suburban Atlanta after marrying rapper Offset, expressed her outrage to her more than 60 million Instagram followers. While […]

Judge Penny Brown Reynolds shares her opinion on legal accountability

Judge Penny Brown Reynolds is a nationally respected leader, bold visionary and highly dedicated public servant. As the first African American in Georgia’s history to serve as the governor’s attorney, she is dedicated to the fundamental principles of justice, equality, civic engagement and advocacy. Reynolds currently teaches law at her alma mater, Georgia State University, […]

Failed 2018 Georgia gubernatorial candidate arrested for fraud

jail cell

The most recent Georgia gubernatorial race was full of highly charged divisive politics and accusations of racism by some candidates. The failed campaign of Georgia state Sen. Michael Williams (R), was a prime example of such tactics. Edwards infamously drove around in what he called a “deportation bus,” with messages that called for the arrest […]

Stacey Abrams could sue Brian Kemp over Election Day issues

The gubernatorial race between Stacey Abrams and Brian Kemp continues one day after the Nov. 6 election. In a conference call to media, Abrams’ team revealed that she will not concede the election to Kemp until all votes are counted. Her team says that there are about 6,000 additional votes to come in this morning as […]

Barbershop Talk: Men of the Musa Lair Grooming Gallery discuss the election

The barbershop is a cultural centerpiece in our community. It is a place for men to go to get their hair cut while engaging in conversation. With Election Day is quickly approaching on Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2018, the current topic of conversation for everyone is the midterm elections. We stopped by The Musalair Grooming Gallery, a one of a […]

Stacey Abrams graces the cover of this week’s edition of ‘rolling out’

(ATLANTA, GA) – November 1, 2018 – Coming from humble beginnings in Mississippi, Stacey Abrams has prepared for the opportunity to become America’s first African American female governor since her days at Spelman College and Yale University Law School. With her campaign garnering attention worldwide and celebrity endorsements from notables such as Will Ferrell, Common […]

Stacey Abrams seeks to make history as America’s 1st Black female governor

Standing in front of 20,000 festivalgoers at ONE Musicfest on a Sunday evening in early September, Stacey Abrams shared her vision for the future. With less than two months to go before one of the most important elections of this generation, Abrams took full advantage of the moment to motivate thousands of millennials gathered in Atlanta’s […]

Barack Obama shows democratic support as he campaigns in Detroit

Barack Obama made a stop on the Democratic campaign trail to encourage the people of Detroit to get out and vote on November 6 for the state’s Democratic candidates. The rally took place on Friday, October 26, at Cass Tech High School in Detroit, and as expected, brought out several thousand people who were eager […]

Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum set up by FBI

As the campaign of Andrew Gillum, the Tallahassee mayor and Democratic candidate for Florida governor, is gaining steam, a shocking revelation has come to light. It turns out that an undercover FBI agent surreptitiously gave Gillum tickets to the hit Broadway musical “Hamilton.” The New York Post is reporting that the FBI agent, using the name […]

Cory Booker, Chris Tucker stump for Stacey Abrams in Atlanta

With two weeks remaining in one of the most important elections of this generation, Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams continues to work around the clock to urge voters to head to the polls early. Abrams recently spoke at the IEBW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers) in Atlanta along with actor/comedian Chris Tucker and Senator Cory […]

Georgia gubernatorial race scandal grows as polls in Black areas closed

For the vast amount of Americans who do not live in the Deep South, the concept of Blacks not being allowed to vote seems ludicrous. But it is not and it is happening in Georgia once again in a most devious way. Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp is in charge of the election process […]

Stacey Abrams’ historic win: How does she stack up against her competition?

Historically and politically, Georgia has traditionally been a red, Republican, and very conservative state. Even in the past two presidential elections, Georgia, with the exception of the greater Atlanta area, has been very Republican. As election season is now upon us, the time has come for Georgia to elect a new governor, and the road […]

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal refuses refugees

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal has joined the growing list of governors who are opposed to accepting Syrian refugees in their state. Gov. Deal issued the following statement today: “In light of the terror attacks in Paris, I’ve issued an executive order directing state agency heads to prevent the resettlement of Syrian refugees in Georgia,” said […]

Billionaire Bruce Rauner gets ‘gangsta’ with Illinois’ poor and working class

Don’t say I didn’t’ warn you. Before last November’s gubernatorial election, I wrote a piece that questioned whether big business principles translated into effective governance for everyday people.  Judging from Bruce Rauner’s first budget proposal, the answer is a resounding no. Now, we clearly understand that Rauner fully expects to get pushback about the draconian […]