Rolling Out

Morehouse College

Charles Reese knows how show business works

Actor Charles Reese is a lively and bright spirit known for his character Jalil on Centric’s “Beauty and The Baller.” A graduate of Morehouse College,

Morehouse College appoints new president

A significant change has come to the campus of Morehouse College as Dr. David A. Thomas was appointed its new president. Thomas will become the

Perlesta A. Hollingsworth Jr. says use your network every time you can

I primarily have three areas of practice, one is sports and entertainment, both are my passions. Growing up, music played a huge part of my life. I am a ’70s child so I was raised on the very best of R&B and soul and the birth of hip-hop. I played instruments and almost every sport but loved football and basketball, so these areas of my practice allow me to feed my passion and keep up on the changing landscapes in both.

Rolling Out