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Jay Electronica says he met the Illuminati; asks Jay-Z if he believes in God

Rapper say Revelations is the inspiration for his tweets
Jay Electronica says he met the Illuminati; asks Jay-Z if he believes in God
Mac Miller joins Jay Electronica and Talib Kweli on stage at the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival’s 10th anniversary in Brooklyn, New York, on July 12, 2014. (Photo credit: / Zire)

Jay Electronica is sharing his thoughts about Hollywood with the world. The New Orleans rapper went on a Twitter rampage on March 13 to share his beliefs and spout conspiracy theories.

“I know the Synagogue of Satan made you embarrassed to say you believe in God and now you just say ‘I’m spiritual,’ ” Electronica tweeted. “F— that. Not me. I believe in The True And Living God.”

His next set of tweets ranged from applauding Kyrie Irving to telling people to let Ja Morant breathe, to repeatedly defending Ye.

“Who wanna bet 10k Complex ignore these tweets? Lol,” Electronica tweeted.

He then began tweeting about the Illuminati and the Synagogue of Satan.

“The Illuminati? I met em,” Electronica tweeted. “They ain’t all that. Ask em about me.”

He claimed the Dominicans run the banks and Hollywood, the Jehovah’s Witnesses control the music industry, and he requested NBA Youngboy join the Nation of Islam.

Then came the question from the legendary rapper.

“Ask the artists you like if they believe in God,” Electronica tweeted. “Here, I’ll go first: Peace, @Drake, do you believe in God?”

He also asked Diddy, 50 Cent, Jay-Z, SZA, Earl Sweatshirt, Young Guru, Questlove, LeBron James and hip-hop podcaster Low if they believed in God. Sweatshirt and Diddy responded to Electronica.

“I believe in him beyond your comprehension,” Diddy tweeted. “I give all glory to him. If my god ain’t in it, I don’t want it. LOVE.”

“Peace baba!” Sweatshirt tweeted. “I believe in the True and Living God. love.”

The tweets came as a surprise from Electronica, a low-key emcee who created mystique by not releasing an album for over a decade and randomly popping up with long elite features that stand with the best rappers to ever live. His debut, and only, album, A Written Testimony, celebrated its third anniversary on the day of Electronica’s tweets.

The rest of Electronica’s Twitter account are periodic tweets about Louis Farrakhan and Islam, dating back to April 2021.

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