Shad Moss breaks New Year’s resolution on 2nd day of 2022

New year resolutions are goals that you should plan to start off strong with at the beginning of the year. For Shad Moss, he might have to wait until 2023 to accomplish this goal. On Jan. 1, Moss tweeted that he was done drinking for the year. “Last night was my last night drinking! Lets […]

Bow Wow explains why he’ll never get married

Rapper Bow Wow is not down with the married life whatsoever. He said he is loving the bachelor life so much that fans should never expect the musician and actor to ever walk down the aisle. “Just not my thing,” he summarized on Twitter.  The emcee, who was born in Columbus, Ohio, as Shad Moss […]

Bow Wow and his ex air their grievances on Instagram

Bow Wow and Olivia Sky, the mother of his 8-month-old son Stone Moss have been airing their grievances out on social media once again as co-parenting seems to be tough for the two. Olivia Sky posted a video on Instagram explaining that Bow Wow seems to be making her life a little hectic and that […]

Bow Wow criticized for performing at packed venue, he responds (video)

Bow Wow is ducking from all the incoming fire he’s receiving after hosting a birthday party at a packed venue with hundreds of revelers in Texas on Friday, Jan. 15. He was hit so hard and so often by fans that he finally had to defend himself. The 33-year-old rapper, born Shad Moss, boasted on […]

Bow Wow ridiculed for crowding multiple women onto tiny boat (video)

New year, new Bow Wow jokes. The 33-year-old retired rapper and “Growing Up Hip Hop” producer was living his best life, or so he thought, on a boat with a bevy of attractive women. But the video he posted for his 4.6 million Instagram followers incited a new round of laughs, memes and criticism. Scores […]

Bow Wow blasts older rappers for allegedly disrespecting younger emcees

Bow Wow had some pointed words for those past-their-prime rappers who are allegedly hating on the newer generation of star emcees. The Columbus, Ohio-born rapper, whose real name is Shad Moss, explained to his 4.6 million Instagram followers how the legends and OG rappers need to stop sniping at the new generation of hip-hop stars […]

TV One’s ‘In Broad Daylight’ is a must-see film

TV One continues its month of “Love Lies & Murder” movies with the film In Broad Daylight premiering Sunday, July 14 at 8 P.M. ET/7C, along with an encore presentation at 10 P.M. The original movie stars Shad “Bow Wow” Moss (“Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta”), Chyna Layne (“She’s Gotta Have It”), and Curtis Hamilton […]

Bow Wow making moves with new business ventures and upcoming restaurant

There is a reason why businessman Shad Moss has flung aside the long-held moniker of “Bow Wow” like an old jacket. First of all, he said he retired from the genre three years ago, according to the Los Angeles Times, although, like boxers, rappers are prone to make comebacks even after they drop the mic. […]

Bow Wow blasts fans, family members begging him for money

It is ironic that rapper Bow Wow is getting sick of people hitting him up for money. Shad Moss is the one who inspired the hilarious “Bow Wow Challenge” after he pretended on Instagram that he was flying private when he was, in reality, seen by a fan flying on a commercial plane — in […]

Elevator video shows Bow Wow yelling in girlfriend’s face before the violence

Retired rapper Bow Wow was attempting to use use the mug shot featuring his scratched-up face to construct the narrative that he was the victim of violence and was trying to ward off an aggressive girlfriend, Kiyomi Leslie (real name Leslie Holden) after a Super Bowl party last week. He will now have to come […]

Bow Wow allegedly dragged girlfriend by her hair over a legendary athlete

Details have now been uncovered surrounding the arrest of rapper and reality TV star Bow Wow and his girlfriend Kiyomi Leslie during Super Bowl weekend in Atlanta. Both were charged with misdemeanor battery and leveled with $8K bonds. Bow Wow was reportedly charged again with battery with substantial physical harm. According to Leslie’s side of […]

Bow Wow has suggested his girlfriend suffered a miscarriage

Rapper Bow Wow, who shot to fame when he was just 13 years old, opened up about the “pain” he has been going through and hinted he and partner Kiyomi Leslie had lost a baby boy earlier this year. In a now-deleted tweet, Bow Wow, 31, wrote: “Don’t really care. The media crucifies me. I’m […]

Bow Wow threatens to kill bloggers for these reasons

Rapper and reality TV show producer Shad Moss, aka Bow Wow, has completely snapped, it appears. He has apparently reached his breaking point with a band of bloggers out there in cyberspace ceaselessly disturbing his peace with frequent shades at his persona. The So So Def alum, 31, is actually posting social media messages on […]

Bow Wow says having a daughter changed his attitude toward woman

Bow Wow, whose real name is Shad Moss, has been a celebrity since he was 4 years old, so it’s hard to imagine that the precocious little rapper on Snoop’s first album is all grown up with a child of his own. “I don’t think I missed having a childhood because my childhood consisted of what […]

Is Bow Wow suicidal? Social media postings, song titles disturb fans

Perhaps all of those social media beat-downs have actually taken a serious mental toll on rapper Bow Wow. Shad Moss has been spending quite of time on Twitter and new album articulating morbid thoughts of killing himself. Social media users are openly wondering and worrying about the Columbus, Ohio, native’s mental state. The quiestion is: is […]

Twitter clowns Bow Wow for Chris Brown song and getting knocked out

It has been a birthday from hell for former rap star Bow Wow. The “Growing Up Hip Hop” cast member’s birthday was on Friday, which is when everything exploded in his lap. First, Shad Moss lit the fuse too close to himself when he dropped a music video talking about repairing his relationship and ending […]

Bow Wow shows off new girlfriend

Shad Moss, who has long been one of Black Twitter’s favorite whipping boys, has finally done something right — or so it is hoped. He has announced that he has found his newest love, a woman by the name of Kiyomi. Bow Wow and Kiyomi were first spotted at the season 2 premiere of “Growing up […]

Bow Wow says he was with Kim Kardashian before anyone (video)

Social media maven Kim Kardashian has a long laundry list of romantic entanglements before and during her career as a reality TV queen. Throughout the years, the straw that stirs the Kardashian-Jenner cultural cocktail on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” has been linked to a multiplicity of men, including R&B singer Ray J, entertainment mogul Nick […]