[Photo credit: Bjoern Kommerall]

Alfred Woodley is leaving a legacy for his children and community

[Photo courtesy of Erin A. Martin / IG: @bagladies]

Nigel Graham says it’s important for dads to be present in their child’s life

Photo courtesy of Louis Deon Jones

Emmy Award winner Louis Deon Jones says it takes sacrifice to be a good father

[Photos courtesy of Blacship Photograph]

Tiran Jackson motivates and inspires fathers from his life’s tragedies

Photo courtesy of Sean C. Hamilton

Sean C. Hamilton shares what he loves most about being a father

Photo courtesy of Carey Culbreath

Carey Culbreath takes pride in his sons

PHOTO COURTESTY Elijah 'BossLife Lito'

Elijah ‘BossLife Lito’ Burgos shares his fatherhood playbook

photo courtesy of ian stix malone

Ian ‘Stix’ Malone discloses the challenges of raising sons out of state


Hard-hitting boxer Eric Moon has a soft spot for daughter

photo courtesy [Anwar Aikin]

Anwar Aiken shares the significance of fatherhood culture

(photo courtesy Bryan Ware, Jr)

Bryan Ware Jr. talks about fatherhood and the legacy he wants to leave

Mitchell Scott shares his most valued and treasured fatherhood goals

Edward Quinn (Photo credit: Ashley Nola Darlings Photography)

Edward Quinn is being intentional while raising his daughters

RushDee Williams (Photo credit: @ShotByJuma)

Platinum-selling producer RushDee Williams balancing music and fatherhood

Ken Rye and Son (Photo credit: Todd W. Barron)

Ken Rye shares the importance of building a network with his child

Shawn A. Williams (Photo Courtesy of Shawn A. Williams)

Shawn A. Williams explains what fatherhood has taught him


Perlesta Hollingsworth shares his playbook for raising daughters

(Photo Courtesy of Darren Peters)

Political strategist Darren Peters cherishes his bond with his children

David Muhammad cropped

How global designer David Muhammad employs spirituality to uplift his children

Steve Casey and sons Photo courtesy of Dot Ward Photography

Steve Casey striving to guide his sons to be conscious Black men

Photo courtesy of Gregory "Gee" Smalls

Life coach Gregory ‘Gee’ Smalls describes relationship with his son

Photo courtesy of Gemar 

Analytics consultant Gemar Reed is never too busy to be a dad

Doug E. Doug with children Photo courtesy of Douglas Bourne

Writer and producer Doug E. Doug creating a legacy greater than money

seat at the table father first

A Seat at the Table with Father’s F1rst and Black fathers 8/21/20


Rashad Richey and Keith A. Lewis Jr. pay for haircuts Father’s Day weekend

Terry Skywalker (Photo provided)

Bonfire ATL’s Terry Walker shares how time at home shaped his fatherhood goals

Photo credit: /  By Ranta Images

To the ones who matter: a message to Black kings

J. Wyndal Gordon and his son (Photo provided)

J. Wyndal Gordon discusses fatherhood lessons and the importance of integrity

Alex Benson and son

Alex Benson explains what makes him a good father

Chef Aleem (Photo provided)

Chef Aleem shares fatherhood lessons about honor, education and commitment

Lawrence Smith (Photo Provided)

Lawrence Smith emphasizes the value of keeping one’s word

 Cole Parker, founder of Divas in Defense (Photo Provided)

Cole Parker shares what fatherhood taught him about toxic masculinity

Adrian Franks and his son (Photo Provided)

New dad Adrian Franks discusses fatherhood and legacy

Cyrus Alexander III and family (Photo courtesy of 777 Portraits )

Cyrus Walker Alexander III aims to inspire and influence youth to soar

DJ Infamous (Photo courtesy of DJ Infamous)

DJ Infamous describes the legacy he hopes to leave for his children

Christopher B Stokes - Photo Credit Instagram

Film director Christopher B. Stokes shares views on fatherhood

Wayne Overstreet and daughter Leah (Photo credit: Wayne Overstreet)

Wayne Overstreet drops gems about fatherhood


Michael Glover is focused on being a husband and father


Pastor Charles Jenkins discusses faith and fatherhood

Kevin Anthony Johnson "Coach AJ" Photo provided

Kevin A. Johnson ‘Coach KJ’ shares his legacy and his playbook as a dad